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Disaster recovery

Workload balancing

Reduced backup time

Distribution of information to branches

Mirroring/400 is a data and objects replication product for IBM AS/400 platform, iSeries or i5, that replicates from a primary computer to one or multiple secondary computers.
Also replicate the security of objects and files, user profiles, authorization lists, spool files, IFS files, system values and network attributes.
It allows to implement different replication schemes: unidirectional, bidirectional or multidirecional, so as to cover all current or future needs of your organization.

Access to information
Access to updated and available information at all times is now more critical than ever. With the current technology, where many users are updating and consulting critical information for its operations and decisions from different points, through various means, and at any time and any day of the week it is necessary to ensure that customers and users access to such information.

Object replication
Plan the replication of all the object types you need with the desired frequency, in whole or only those that have changed since the last replication performed.

Data replication in real time
Data replication performed by Mirroring/400 based on remote journalization, ensures the availability of updated information in the event that the production environment becomes not available either by a planned outage to perform update tasks software or hardware, or unplanned by a technical failure, fire, flood, sabotage, natural disaster, etc. It is also the way to maximize resources optimizing the use of available hardware and improving response times and processing.

Product cost
Mirroring/400 is the replication product of lower cost, affordable to small and medium companies, that today could not have the benefits of a product of this type because it is far from their budget, and ideal for those large companies that wish to reduce significantly current maintenance costs.